• Built in Galvanized Iron Sheet of 24 Gauge with lock formed joints

  • Inorganic, non‐hygroscopic, Flame, moisture and vermin proof mineral fiber of the appropriate density to achieve the required Acoustic performance. Packed under compression to prevent the formation of voids due to settling.

  • Perfectly designed to ensure maximum and equal air output.

  • Unless otherwise specified units are supplied with plain spigots.    Connection to ductwork is often not required. However any flange arrangement can be accommodated on request. 

  • High Quality Acoustic Lining of various thickness

  • Available in various orientations

    • Z-Shaped

    • U-Shaped 

    • L-Shaped


Cross Talk Attenuators are the pre-fabricated ducting sections with all around acoustic lining. These units are stringently designed to maintian low noise levels due to gas/air flow in the ductwork. These supply continuous air flow betwwen the connected conditioned spaces at very low sound levels not compromising on its pressure drop.

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