Slot Type Plenum Boxes are conditional mixing spaces of transfer, exhaust and supply with an Air Distribution Diffuser. The air is seamlessly supplied at selected discharge with horizontal pattern flow at maximum outflow and minimum internal turbulence.
  • Built in Galvanized Iron Sheet of 24 Gauge.

  • Perfectly designed to ensure maximum and equal air output.

  • High Quality 25 mm thick black glass acoustic lining provides utmost sound attenuation.

  • Spigot Inlet with Damper as a standard

  • Made from 24 / 22 / 20 Gauge GI Sheet

  • Circular Spigots of required length and diameter would be fixed to the plenum box.

  • Square / Rectangular / Oval Spigots are available as an option.

  • Volume Control Dampers can be fixed to the Spigots upon customers’ request.

  • Excellent for variable air volume systems. When adjusted for horizontal throw, the gasket tip on the blade provides a seal against the wall of the diffuser to ensure a horizontal pattern from minimum to maximum throw

Spigot Opening
Supply Air Box
Insulated Ducting
Slot Diffuser

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