• Built in Galvanized Iron Sheet of 20/22 Gauge.

  • Attenuating splitters are constructed from a press
    formed frame work of G.I. sheet and incorporate
    high density and highly absorbent Fiber Glass
    Insulation material with fiber glass tissue covering
    with 26 swg perforated aluminum sheet. The
    splitters have faired entry and exit noses to
    minimize pressure drop.

  • Baffle Thickness standard is 200mm,
    Other Thickness 100mm can me made.
    Flange Can be TDF, TDC or MS Angle

  • Attenuators can be supplied in different
    material specification as required band of +/-3 Pa
    over a wide air flow range.

  • Can be Circular or Rectangular in construction

Sound attenuators are those devices which aid in reducing the noise generated by fans and other equipment. Also referred to as duct silencers, sound traps or mufflers, they are designed to reduce the noise transmitted from a source to the receiver.


For HVAC applications, they are commonly installed on intake and discharge sides of a fan or air handling unit. They can also be used on the receiver side of noise generating equipment (terminal boxes, air valves and dampers) and in areas outside the primary air system where they can reduce transfer noise between spaces.

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