Kitchen Scrubber is an air washer with a refinement device which is used in cleaning fumes. In this device, the pollutant gas stream is bought in contact with the scrubbing liquid, by spraying it with the liquid,forcing it thorugh a pool of liquid so as to remove the polllutants.
  • Air Discharges:

    • Can Handle very high CFMs up to 20,000 CFM.

  • Construction:

    • Rigid Aluminium Extruded Profile Construction

    • Double Skin PUF Insulated 24 mm Panel 

    • GI Casing

  • Fan Section:

    • AMCA Certified SISW Blower for easy fume extraction

    • TEFC Electric Motor IP55 Type with Class F insulation.‚Äč

    • Pump Section:

    • Branded Centrifugal pump of ABB / CG / KB

  • Spray Section:

    • Four- Pass Design Mist blades for more scrubbing efficiency

    • 18G GI Eliminator casing

    • High quality brass spray nozzles

  • Safety Accessories:

    • Limit Switches

    • Marine lamps

    • Access doors are standard

  • Filter Section

    • Pre-Filter

    • HEPA Filter

    • Fine Filter

    • Bag Filter

  • Application Suitability:

    • Kitchens

    • Hospitals

    • Hotels

    • Pesticides

    • Paper and Pulp

    • Refineries

    • Meat

    • Tanning

Mist Eliminator
Spray Section
Fan Section
Filter Section

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