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Defence Industry

Defence Client Requirements :

Critical Moisture and Temperature Control Solution

The solution must be Maintenance and Operation Friendly

Quality Standards to be maintained as intended by the regulatory bodies.

The Solution must be high performing with the lowest possible power consumption

In-built Control Systems for easy inspection.

Integration with BMS is necessary

24X7 After Sales Support. Immediate replacement and support is essential

One year warranty as standard for stressfree operation

Rust is one of the most critical damage that can be caused to high end, expensive iron-clad products and controlling the moisture by keeping the conditioned spaces dry is no new to the Defence Industry.

The Industry especially consisting of Weapon storages, Missile Storages etc must have a controlled RH and temperature space to eliminate rusting. Hence, To tackle such scenarios, We can provide a complete, all-round solution to dry the air in the conditioned space. Moreover, The solution offered is sophisticated in terms of its performance and simple in terms of maintenance and operation. Extra care is put into the solution to make is energy efficient and ideal to suit your needs.

The Moisture is controlled by a Desiccant Dehumidifier while the Ventilation requirements by Air Handling Units and its associated ancillary units. Together, A customized solution can be offered to aptly suit your needs.

Here are a few cases which illustrate how essential is controlling moisture in the Defence industry :

1) Missile Storages : The Ammunition must be ready to use anytime demanded. Hence, The storage must have a controlled Temperature and moisture. Usually, RH % less than 30% is preferred as it prevents the oxidation of iron.

2) Ammunition Storages: Ammunition, Tanks and other Artilleries ranging from 0.22 calibre to huge GPS guided systems need dry temperature maintained air. otherwise, iron and steel of its shells might be rusted.

3) Explosive Propellants like Ammonium Nitrate are sensitive to moisture changes in the air. If excess moisture comes in contact with the propellants, it might bind them together rendering them useless. Hence, Moisture control is quintessential.

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