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Retrofit Solutions

Repair or Rework the existing units ?

We can repair, rework and provide you the necessary AHU / Dehumidifier parts and components for your unit to run.

Want to increase the efficiency ?

Want to replace a choked coil or choked filter which is decreasing your unit's efficiency ? We can replace it within hours

Want to decrease the cost of the System?

What if your existing units be retrofitted and reworked with EC fans for increased Energy Efficiency ?

We do it.

Want to have a Tailor made HVAC solution for your existing spaces ?

There are times when you have your AHU or Dehumidifier fail and you need a unit within the same design paramenters and space restrictions. We can do it and offer you a tailor amde solution.

We offer the following Retrofit and Rework Solutions :

  • Repair or Rework of the Existing units :

    • Replacement of Filters​

    • Replacement of Cooling Coil/Steam Coil/Heaters/Humidifiers/Energy Recovery Wheels/Desiccant Wheels/heat Recovery Wheels.

    • Replacement or Rework of Air Handler Casing and Panels

    • Replacement or Repair of Fans and Blowers which are causing unwanted noise/sound.

  • Increasing the Efficiency of the Existing units :

    • Checking for Filter and Coil Choke

    • Cleaning and Maintenance of Filters and Coils

    • Annual Maintenance Contracts

    • Providing Spares for Mechanical and Electrical Instrumentation for AHU / Dehumidifiers

  • Reducing the Overall Energy Consumption of the Unit :

    • Converting​ the existing unit's fan modules into EC and other Energy Saving Fans for higher energy saving.

    • Reworking of the existing distribution system and installing suitable instrumentation to capture the load thus, reducing the HVAC system's energy consumption based on demand.

  • Tailor-Made Solution :

    • Replacement of the existing non-working unit with a new AHU / Dehumidifier with the exact same design parameters and space dimensions as per your available space.

    • Since,We manufacture both AHU and Dehumidifier, We can offer you a more integrated solution with temperature and moisture control from the same unit. thus, reducing your footprint.

Why us ?

Three Decade Expertise in HVAC Industry

Our Units are built to last.

Immediate Support on demand

Customer Centric since 1987

Fit it and Forget it

Get free advice from our technical engineer!

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