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Software Industry

Software Client Requirements :

Proper IAQ and Ventilation Standards to be met with moisture and temperature control

The solution must be Maintenance and Operation Friendly

Competitive Pricing and higher Returns on investment

The solution must be highly energy efficient and easy to maintain

In-built Control Systems for easy inspection.

Integration with BMS is necessary

24X7 After Sales Support. Immediate replacement and support is essential

One year warranty as standard for stressfree operation

The Software Industry needs Ventilation, Temperature and Moisture Control solutions for its day-to-day operations. The associated co-working spaces must be properly air-conditioned with sufficient ventilation standards to make it habitable and comfortable to employees. Moreover, HVAC systems account for almost a third of total energy consumption costs, hence, an energy-efficient solution is essential.

In Datacenters, A controlled ambient moisture levels must be maintained to prevent any electrostatic surges and shocks. Furthermore, components deteriorate by corrosion in the presence of excessive moisture. What is more, These data centers release large amounts of heat which have to be controlled and regulated by air-conditioning. However, during a hot and dry climate, Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling can be employed for cooling the systems.

Here are a few illustrations of case applications :

1) IT WorkSpaces: IT workspaces and offices in which employees work need habitable climate conditions to work productively. Commonly, A temperature of 22-24°C @ 50% RH is an ideal condition for humans to dwell in. Hence, We provide a complete HVAC solution encompassing all your temperature, moisture and ventilation need all under one unit.

2) Data Centers:  All the Datacenters have sensible loads due to a large dissipation load of heat generated from the electronic servers equipped by the center. These machines run 24X7. According to ASHRAE design standards, 18-25°C & 45-50% RH are suitable conditions based on the equipment.

To cater to this need, We offer Air Handling Units of suitable capacities, Desiccant Dehumidifiers and Control Panel Air Conditioners for easy temperature and moisture control. Moreover, in dry places, Adiabatic Evaporative Cooling systems can be employed which are far less energy-consuming than the conventional HVAC cooling systems.

Pre-Cooling Units are a perfect solution for reducing the Chiller's load. Hence, A datacenter can equip a pre-cooling unit to its chiller to drastically reduce the cooling load of the chiller thereby saving huge on energy costs.

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