SABSZ Series

SISW BC Kitchen Exhaust Centrifugal Fans

These Fan series consist of heavy-duty backward curved impeller with non-overloading characteristics. These fans are stringently designed to operate at various load characteristics. The blowers are either belt-driven ( for high air flows ) or direct-driven ( for low air flows and low statics ). This whole turbo machinery is CNC fabricated and impellar is dynamically balanced to ensure top notch performance.

Salient Features for Wet Scrubbers :

  • Air Discharges:

    • Belt-Driven can cater CFM upto 2,50,000 CFM

    • Direct Dirven can cater upto 16,000 CFM

  • Static Pressures

    • High Statics upto 5000 Pa

  • Construction:

    • Galvanised Iron / Mild Steel with MS Angle Frame

    • FRP Venturi inlet Cone for increased blower efficiency

  • Impeller:

    • Backward Curved, fully dynamically balanced impeller

  • Standard Accessories:

    • Branded Motor Drive of ABB / CG / KB

    • High quality pre-machined C45 Shaft

    • The Fan is fully Powdercoated.

  • Options:

    • Casing Drain

    • Inspection access door

    • Outlet and Inlet Flanges

    • Silencers

    • Volume Control Dampers at Fan discharge mouths

  • Application Suitability:

    • Commercial Kitchens

    • Scrubbing units

    • Hotels

    • Chemical Industries

    • Cement industries

    • Textile

    • Food Industries

    • Pharmaceutical Industries

Product Downloads

Centrifugal Backward Curved Blower
Centrifugal Backward Curved Blower

These units are capable of catering 1,00,000+ CFM

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benefits offered :

Rugged and Rigid Mechanical Design

Durable Mild Steel / GI Construction

Epoxy Powder Coated / Painted Solution

Easy replacement and After Sales Support

Capable of handling high statics

Optional VFD System integration

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty to the Fan

'' Building systems for a better tomorrow ''
'' Building systems for a better tomorrow ''

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'' Your challenges are our challenges. Give us a fair chance to serve you ''
'' Your challenges are our challenges. Give us a fair chance to serve you ''

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