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Industrial Application

Software Client Requirements :

Precise Temperature and Moisture Control as per the requirement

The solution must be Maintenance and Operation Friendly

Competitive Pricing and higher Returns on investment

The solution must be highly energy efficient and easy to maintain

In-built Control Systems for easy inspection.

Integration with BMS is necessary

24X7 After Sales Support. Immediate replacement and support is essential

One year warranty as standard for stressfree operation

Industrial Applications of HVAC systems are enormous. This can be attributed to the two most important factors - Firstly, The conditioned space shall enhance the manufactured product quality and durability over time. Secondly, The temp and moisture controlled spaces are more habitable and less prone to external weather conditions thereby increasing the overall productivity of the employees. A few of the many applications are observed in Electronic Industry ( PCB storage and Conformal Coating Processes ), Cement Industry, Painting Processes, Fertiliser Industry, Automobile Industry, Casting industry, etc.

Below are a Few Illustrations to support the case :

1) Electronic Industry: PCB assembly sections and semiconductor assembly sections require controlled temperature and humidity for the process to continue smoothly otherwise if excessive moisture is present in the air, microscopic corrosion, adhesion failures, and improper coating adherence can result in low product quality. Usually, 25-30% RH at 20°C is preferred. We, being 30+ years in this industry would provide you a perfect temperature and moisture control solution to cater to your process seamlessly.

2) Cement Industry: Cement industry majorly comprises of the dusty environments where exhaust and filtration are the key processes to consider. We offer various Ventilation and filtration solutions to suit your needs. Usually, the extent of filtration necessary is very high in dusty environments. So, an adaptable solution that is necessarily low power consumption is essential to this industry. Most of our units working in this industry are equipped with multiple bag filters for easy and ample filtration to happen to reduce the maintenance intervals. Moreover, Strict Moisture levels are to be maintained in Cement Storages.

3) Fertiliser Industry: Many commercial fertilizers are hygroscopic and absorb excess moisture from air forming into unwanted lumps, oozes, etc. Furthermore, the strength and shelf life of the fertilizer is further reduced. The material properties aren't the same anymore reducing its effectivity on the soil.Thus, a controlled atmosphere of 30% RH at 21°C is ideal for fertilizer manufacturing, packing, and storage. TO achieve such conditions, our solution is what you need

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