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Food & Beverage Industry

F and B Client Requirements :

Critical Moisture and Temperature Control Solution

The solution must be Maintenance and Operation Friendly

Competitive Pricing and higher Returns on investment

The Solution must be high performing with the lowest possible power consumption

In-built Control Systems for easy inspection.

Integration with BMS is necessary

24X7 After Sales Support. Immediate replacement and support is essential

One year warranty as standard for stressfree operation

Strict temperature and moisture controlled conditions are known to increase production capacities, production continuity and product quality. The candy / chocolate / toffee production lines mostly hard candies and jellies need dry air for curing and settling in the mould.

Our Dehumidification solution shall all such problems of excess humdiity such as unwanted crystallisation of chocolates, formation of sticky jelly lump, discoloration of candies, bacterial growth, lengthening of curing time, delauy in packaging - all these can be avoided.

Below are a few intrinsic illustrations pertaining to the Food and Beverage Industry :

1) Lollipop Production Line : The Lollipop production include preparation of the candy mixture followed by mould punching, settling time and finally packing. The whole production line must be under controlled moisture levels. Consequently, A moisture of 30-40 % RH and a temperature of 22-23°C is usually needed. The dryair shall increase the evaporation of water from the mould thereby reducing the settling time and increaseing the production flow dramatically. Moreover, The rejection rate is further decrease increasing the production efficiency. The production rate no more depends on the external weather conditions.

2) Chocolate Production Line : One of the chief hindrance to Chocolate production is its undesired crystallisation effect due to the presence of excessive mositure in the conditioned space. The Raw-materials such as cocoa, sugar and starch are thoroughly mixed and stored in hoppers in set proportions. These hoppers and silos must be moisture free to prevent condensation due to external weather conditions. Furthermore, microbial and mould growth is an issue due to moist air. hence, Dry air is essential in keeping the properties of chocolates intact and reducing their production time.

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