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SACR Series

Clean Room (Hygenic) Air Handling Units

The Clean Room Air Handling Units meet strict Clean Room Standards for Hygenic Planning, Manufacturing and maintenance.

The Air Handling Units manufactured are ultra-modern and offer high operation durability and low energy consumption.

Our Air Handling Units contribute to healthy and fresh air suitable for all kinds of critical spaces such as labs,Pharmaceutical testing spaces, Hospitals etc.

The Air Handling  Units manufactured by us is best in class with a prime focus on quality and design. Moreover, our thirty years of expertise in this field is a sign of our product.

Salient Features :

  • Capacities: From 1000 CFM to 100000+ CFM

  • Frame: Double Skin PUF Panels mounted on Aluminium Pentapost Construction - 25 mm or 40 mm Panels with Sound Proof and Tight Fit Panels ensuring no leakage.

  • Fan Section: Plug Fans/EC fans are preferred to others due to easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Filter Section: All kinds of Filters Pre-Filter/Fine Filter/Bag Filter/HEPA Filter/Flange Type Filters/Activated Charcoal Filters etc. Moreover, Filter Frames are galvanized with additional Powder Coating Finish.

  • Cooling Coils: The Cooling Coils are manufactured in house which is designed as per the AHRI Standards. All kinds of coils 6R/4R/8R -DX/CW can be offered.

  • Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated or Pre-Painted

  • Energy Modules: Energy Recovery Wheels/Heat Recovery Wheels can be integrated with the units for superior energy efficiency.

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benefits offered :

Modular and Durable Construction. As per Clean Room Standards

Aluminium pentapost construction with Double Skin Panels

100 % Tailor Made solution

Epoxy Powder Coated / Pre-Painted Finish

No Leakage

All rounded solution consisting of Heaters, Humidifiers, Staged Filtration, Heat and Energy Recovery Systems & Controller Integration can be provided

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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