Sagar Air Industry grade fans are mechanical devices which are used in the processes where flow of gas is needed such as conveying, ventilating, cooling, aspirating, exhausting etc.


Sagar Air offers a wide range of Centrifugal Fans - Backward Curved / Forward Curved / SISW / DIDW for various supply and exhaust applications.


The Axial Flow Fans offered by Sagar Air are of robust construction with rolled fan casing along with Mildsteel Fan Bldes for high performance and efficiency.


Sagar Air's Multi Box Fans can be oriented in any direction as per requirement which are panelled rigidly for optimum performance


Apart from these, Our lineup includes Inline fans, Plug Fans and many other material handling fans.


Industrial blowers can be specified by blower type, flow capacity, dimensions, maximum operating pressure, port design and electrical ratings. All the impellers are dynamically balanced to ensure minimum vibrations and longer durability.

SABSZ Series.png


SISW Backward Curved Fans

SABSZ Series Centrifugal Fans are usually employed in Exhaust applications. The Fans are available in various capacities and orientations to suit your need. - Available in Belt-Driven and Direct Driven Modules.


SABSZ Series (1).png

SABDZ Series

DIDW Backward Curved Fans

These Series Centrifugal Fans are heavy duty and rigid in construction. These blowers can counter considerable load changes. Available in various sizes and orientations.


SAFSZ Series.png


SISW Forward Curved Fans

Light Duty SISW Forward Curved Centrifugal Fans suiting specific, special applications. Available in Belt-Driven and Direct-Driven Modules.



SAFDZ Series

DIDW Forward Curved Fans

Highly Efficient Forward Curved DIDW centrifugal blowers are available in various sizes and construction. These fans are light-duty serving stricter statics and discharges.



SARTF Series

Radial Tip Material Handling Blowers

These are Heavy Duty, High-Pressure Blowers with Radial / Radial Tip Impellers. The unique blade design eliminates staining of materials/dust onto the impeller thus, improving the blower's life

Material Handling  Fans

SABSZ Series (7).png

SAMBZ Series

Multi Oriented Boxed Fans

SAMBZ Series Multi Box Fans are typically used in Kitchen exhaust applications where high discharges at certainly low statics are essential.

The Fan can be installed in any orientation. This fan is less noisier.

Cabinet Fans

SABSZ Series (9).png

SAAF Series

Heavy Duty Axial Flow Fans

Highly efficient SAAF Series axial flow fans are designed to have high volumes at low statics. The blades are die-aluminium cast which can be adjusted as per the designated pitch angle.

Axial / Tube Fans


SAPF Series

BC Impeller Plug Fans

Multi-Purpose Fans with direct-driven / Belt-driven orientations. These fans can be customized and offered as per your discharge requirements.

Open Casing  Fans


SAIF Series

Inline Cabinet Fans

Another Fan Series catering exhaust applications. These fans are available in various sizes and are usually hung up to the ceiling during its operation. Boh Forward Curved and backward Curved can be used.

Cabinet Fans

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