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SAACU-S Series

Air Washer Units - Single Stage

Sagar Air offers a wide range of single stage Air Washer Units which are highly reliable, low maintenance, more energy saving at a much lower initial cost.

Our Air Washer Units contribute to healthy and 100 % fresh air suitable for all kinds of indoor environments such as offices, hotels, industries, schools, plants, cement industries and pharmaceutical labs.

The Units manufactured by us are best in class with a prime focus on quality and design. Moreover, our thirty years of expertise in this field is a sign of our product.

Salient Features :

  • Capacities: From 1000 CFM to 100000+ CFM

  • Orientation: Horizontal Floor mounted / Vertical / 

  • Frame: Single Skin or Double Skin PUF Panels mounted on Aluminium Pentapost Construction - 25 mm or 40 mm Panels.

  • Fan Section: All Kinds of Fans and Blowers - FC/BC/SISW/DIDW/Plug/EC/Belt Driven/Direct Driven etc

  • Filter Section: All kinds of Filters Pre-Filter/Fine Filter/Bag Filter/HEPA Filter/Flange Type Filters etc

  • Cellulose Pad: High Quality Cellulose Pads of makes - Ecocool / Hu-tek / SuperCool etc.

  • Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated or Pre-Painted

  • Number of Stages: Single Stage

  • Safety Cutoffs : Pump Dry run protection as standard

  • Options :

    • PLC+HMI Controller

    • ​UV Treatment Module for supply water​

    • Water Softener Module

    • Phase Failure Mechanism link

    • VFD Module for variable loads

benefits offered :

Modular and Durable Construction

Aluminium pentapost construction with Double Skin Panels

100 % Tailor Made solution

Epoxy Powder Coated / Pre-Painted Finish

Weather Proof Units

Optional VFD+PLC+HMI+BMS Integration

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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