Our Kitchen Exhaust Systems are technically designed for commercial, industrial kitchens where utmost smoke extraction is necessary. The smoke is exhausted by this system leaving the kitchen absolutely neat and tidy. Thus, provides a suitable tidy environment for our chefs to work. Parts of Kitchen Exhaust System are – Suction Hood, Suction Filter, Kitchen Fume Exhaust Duct, Suction Canvas, and a centrifugal Blower.

Salient Features :

  • Mount:

    • Overhung

    • Wall Mount

  • Construction:

    • Fully Stainless Steel Construction

  • Capturing:

    • Superior Grease Filters with capturing baffles for oil droplets

    • Easy Oil removal

    • low-Pressure drop

    • Stainless Steel Construction

  • Exhaust Ducting:

    • TDF

    • TDC

    • C & S

    • MS Angle Frame Ducting

  • Fan Section:

    • High-Quality SISW BC / MUB Blowers are used

  • Options:

    • Electro Static Precipitator ( Dry Scrubbing ) can be offered

    • Air Filtration Units

  • Application Suitability:

    • Commercial Kitchens

    • Restaurants

    • Hotels

    • industrial Canteens

    • Chemical Extraction Units

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