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DewPac Series

Compact Desiccant Dehumidifiers

These Desiccant Dehumidification Systems are ideal for providing superior moisture control at low temperatures as well. These units can achieve RH % as low as 10% as per your requirement.

The Unit is compact, ideal for existing conditioned spaces. Furthermore, The unit can be connected to an existing AHU for dehumidification.

A wide range of additional options can be provided with the unit as this unit can be fixed with Pre-/Post- Cooling or heating Modules, Optional VFDs for intelligent operation, Sensor Specific Controlling - all these accounts for the unit's flexibility. Moreover, Customisation can be done addressing your limited space requirements.


The Reactivation Module of the unit can be fired up in three ways - either by Electrical heating or by Gas heating or Steam heating. The latter options considerably decrease your operating costs. Higher models are fully equipped with Self Regulating Precise Heating Control System (SRPHCS ) which further decreases the electrical energy consumption.​

The units come with a newly improved fully functioning and practical PLC+HMI with more advanced logic to enhance its operational efficiency. It included either a 4.5'' inch display Controller or a 7'' inch touchpad as per your need. Furthermore, BMS integration is also available as standard.

The Fans can be customized as per the client's needs and budget. The unit does come with Standard FC Centrifugal Fans as a standard. However, EC and Plug Fans are optional.

The Rotor Wheel is imported from SWEDEN and the unit has a Vertical Configuration Rotor Wheel as a standard.

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benefits offered :

Imported Silica Gel Rotor Wheel From Sweden

Robust Construction occupying lesser footprint

Easy User Interface with Data logging and periodic Maintenance Alerts

High-Quality Heat Controls with superior two-level safety cutoff mechanisms

Seamless design for easy maintenance of Filters and Rotor Wheel

Integration with Steam Valve / BMS / VFDs / Chilled Water Valve

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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