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SAACU-D Series

Air Washer Units - Two Stage

Two-Stage Air Washer Units are employed in special applications where a further dip in WBT is essential during high ambient heat loads.

Sagar Air Air Washer Units contribute to healthy and 100 % fresh air suitable for all kinds of indoor environments such as offices, hotels, industries, schools, plants, cement industries, and pharmaceutical labs. These units range from 1000 CFM to 2,00,000+ CFM tailor-made to suit your requirement.

The Units manufactured by us are best in class with a prime focus on quality and design. Moreover, our thirty years of expertise in Evaporative Cooling is a sign of our product.

Salient Features :

  • Capacities: From 1000 CFM to 200000+ CFM

  • Orientation: Horizontal Floor mounted / Vertical / 

  • Frame: Double Skin PUF Panels mounted on Aluminium Pentapost Construction - 25 mm or 40 mm Panels.

  • Fan Section: All Kinds of Fans and Blowers - FC/BC/SISW/DIDW/Plug/EC/Belt Driven/Direct Driven etc

  • Filter Section: All kinds of Filters Pre-Filter/Fine Filter/Bag Filter/HEPA Filter/Flange Type Filters etc

  • Cellulose Pad: High-Quality Cellulose Pads of makes - Ecocool / Hu-Tek / SuperCool etc.

  • Mist Eliminator: 50 mm Thick PVC shuttles or Cellulose Pad

  • Finish: Epoxy Powder Coated or Pre-Painted

  • Number of Stages: Two Stages

  • Cooling Coil: Aluminum Finned Copper Tube 1/2 inch / 3/4 inch - 4 / 6 Row. As per AHRI Standards. SS304 condensate Tank as standard.

  • Scavenger Fans: Axial Fans - Sagar Air. As per AMCA standards

  • Safety Cutoffs: Pump Dry run protection as standard

  • Options :

    • PLC+HMI Controller

    • ​UV Treatment Module for supply water​

    • Water Softener Module

    • Phase Failure Mechanism link

    • VFD Module for variable loads

benefits offered :

Modular and Durable Construction

Aluminium pentapost construction with Double Skin Panels

100 % Tailor Made solution

Epoxy Powder Coated / Pre-Painted Finish

Higher Cooling Performance

Optional VFD+PLC+HMI+BMS Integration

One Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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