With over three decades of expertise in Air Ventilation and Control solutions, Hutherm has pioneered the Kitchen Ventilation and Exhaust systems which are known for its durable design, high performance and control coupled with competitive


We offer a wide range of equipments such as Fresh Air and Exhaust Air Units, SISW / inline Blowers, Ducting systems, SS304 quality Kitchen hoods with Baffled Grease Filters. Moreover, The designs are as per ASHRAE standards.

A dominant emphasis is done on Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) which shall increase your earninhgs by reducing your overall costs.

Safety is a prime concern for us. hence, We even offer a wide range of Fire and Smoke equipments such as Fire Dampers, Smoke Dampers and other safety cutoffs. 



  • Air Ventilation Systems for Fresh Air and Exhaust - SACFT Series.

  • SISW BC Blowers - SABSZ Series

  • Inline Fans - SAIF Series

  • Multi Box Fans - SAMBZ Series

  • Dry and Wet Scrubber Units SASU Units

Ducting and Safety

  • TDF / TDC / C&S Ducting systems for Kitchen Ventilation - SATDF / SATDC

  • Cross Talk Attenuators and Sound Attenuators - SACTA and SASA-R and SASA-C

  • Fire and Smoke Dampers

  • Volume Control Dampers - GI and Aluminium - SAVCD-R and SAVCD-AL

Smoke Extraction 

  • SS304 / SS202 Kitchen-Hood Systems - SAKTH Series

  • High quality Baffled Grease Filters with easy cleaning mechanism

  • Air Distribution products - Grilles and Diffusers connecting supply side.

Control Technlogy

  • SA-DCV controllers which offer Demand Controlled Ventilation thereby reducing the power consumption costs.

  • VFD integration to address variable loads.


Fresh Air and Exhaust Air Units

Double Skin PUF insulated Fresh Air and Exhaust Air Units which cater your ventilation needs. The Units can be controlled by a plugged in optional VFD for Demand Control Ventilation

Blower Side System


Wet Scrubbing Units

Double Skin Scrubbing unit to treat kitchen fumes effectively. Scrubbing units are available in various orientation and sizes as per your desired capacity

Blower Side System

SA-BSZ Series

SISW Backward Curved Blowers

These blowers are frequently used for exhaust applications due to high fume extraction capacity and long operating life

Blower Side System

SAKTH Series

SS 304 / SS 202 Kitchen Hoods

These Kitchen Exhaust Systems are technically designed for commercial, industrial kitchens where utmost smoke extraction is necessary. Available in various orientations and sizes

Smoke Extraction

SA-DCV Series

Tailor made DCV Controllers

Optimum energy efficiency can be achieved by controlling the load according to the demand ascertained. This controller helps you to modulate your Fan load in sync with the number of hoods in use.

Controlling Technologies

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