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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Client Requirements :

Proper IAQ and Ventilation Standards to be met with moisture and temperature control

The solution must be Maintenance and Operation Friendly

Well Designed Solution with suiting client's requirement perfectly at a competitive price

Special Filteration Systems and UV systems to be incorporated into the units.

In-built Control Systems for easy inspection.

Integration with BMS is necessary

24X7 After Sales Support. Immediate replacement and support is essential

One year warranty as standard for stressfree operation

The chain of hotels, restaurants and their commercial kitchens are in constant need of high Indoor Air Quality ( IAQ ) and fresh air ventilation along with centralized air-conditioning.

Furthermore, Many HVAC contractors miss out on essential ventilation and fresh air requirements to reduce the cost of the HVAC systems and never really probe deeper into the essentiality of proper ventilation as demanded in the space.

We, having more than thirty years of expertise in this field, would perfectly cater to your project with stringently designed HVAC systems from air-conditioning, ventilation to moisture control by desiccants.

Below are a few illustrations to support the case :

1) Hotel Rooms: Air-Conditioning is a necessity in many commercial hotel rooms and mostly, Fan Coil Units with an AC controller are employed to cater to this purpose. We offer these FCU's with improved fan design to increase the delivered airflow. This helps you to reduce your overall costs incurred.

2) Convention Centres & Auditoriums : All convention centers and auditoriums need to constantly keep the air cool so as to keep indoors habitable. The cooling can be achieved in many ways - Firstly, By traditional Air Conditioning which includes a decent-sized chiller or by evaporative adiabatic cooling. The latter being simple to obtain usually depends on the outdoor wet-bulb to provide the necessary cooling but is a cost-effective solution. To furry this, We usually provide Two-Stage Evaporative Cooling Units and IDECs for higher energy efficiency and reduce the overall costs incurred. However, The viability of the proposed technology usually depends on the site conditions and the desired conditions by the client.

3) Commercial Kitchen Hoods and Exhaust Applications: The Exhaust fumes of the commercial kitchens must be constantly removed. To cater to this need, Ventilation Units (SACFT) coupled with Wet / Dry Scrubber Units (SASU) units can be used to treat the fumes and exhaust it out into the atmosphere. Moreover, Stainless Steel 304 Kitchen hoods with all SS Grease Baffle Filters can be provided which can be cleaned periodically.

Finally, A complete Kitchen solution starting with SS Kitchen Hoods, ducting and ultimately SISW Fans / Exhaust Units and its associated Controllers can be provided to the client to let them be stress-free about the cooking fumes and work on their customers more efficiently.

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