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Rental HVAC

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Air Handling Units and Desiccant Dehumidifiers on RENT :

"If Moisture Control is what you need such that excess moisture threatens your operations, Then We keep your spaces under control no matter how big space is''

Our units are used to -

  1. Prevent Dampness in the air

  2. Prevent unwanted Biological Growth such as Algae, Fungus, etc

  3. Dry water-laden / damaged spaces such as buildings, offices, etc.

  4. Eliminate metal Corrosion

  5. Fastening the process times such as the setting of concrete, insulation

Our Offerings :

We can offer all kinds of Air Handling Units and Desiccant Dehumidifier Units as per your requirement.

The Air Handlers are usually Floor Mounted up to 100000 CFM

While The Dehumidifiers are Desiccant Wheel based and are available up to 15000 CFM.

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benefits offered :

Emergency Response

Cost Effective Solution

Durable Solution which is perfectly reliable

Moisture Removal and Temperature Control

Low Capital Investment

Immediate Backup Units available

Stress-Free Solution

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