With over 30 years of expertise in HVAC Technology across the country, it has started providing solutions to the complicated humidity/ moisture control needs across various industries like shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food, lithium battery manufacturing, defence, power, chemicals, electronics, leather and many more.


The units are known to be the most reliable, constantly outperforming in output, services, and value for money.


Sagar Air specializes in customizing air handling systems to specific customer and application needs across industries.



Comfort Air Handlers

SAGM Series AHUs are fully customizable as per your requirement. They can be offered in multiple orientations based on your space restrictions

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Ultra Clean Room Air Handlers

These AHUs typically suit cleanroom facilities, labs, hospitals, pharma and food where zero contamination is essential. The unit can be customized by incorporating various stages of filtration as necessary



Fresh Air & Exhaust Ventilation Units

These are general-purpose - fresh air and exhaust air ventilation systems available in various capacities suiting your requirements. The units are Double Skinned under Aluminium Pentapost frame construction

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Evaporative Pre-Cooling Units

These Pre-Cooling Units are used in Chiller Cooling Applications. The units work on adiabatic evaporative cooling principle and are tailor-made as per your Chiller dimensions and its catchment area at the site.



Air Washer Units - Single Stage

100 % Fresh Air systems which provide an optimal cooling solution at considerably low energy consumption. These are tailor made as per your site.



Air Washer Units - Two Stage

A typical Air Cooling unit with two stages of cooling to further reduce the WBT of air thereby enhancing cooling performance. The Unit is 100 % Fresh Air and tailor-made as per your requirement.

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